The Holy Law


An eternal law that is not exclusive to any place or any time

Some laws are created by specific people at a particular point in time and then the laws are enforced temporarily (for years or perhaps even centuries).Those laws are only enforced within a specific region and that region can grow or shrink over time. Because the enforcement of these laws in any particular place are temporary, we can call them temporal laws or the exercise of temporal power, which is the imposing by force of these laws which can change.

These enforced laws can be revised, amended, and even repealed or voided (as in reversed such that they are deemed to never have been valid as an enforced law all the way back to the beginning of that so-called temporary law of temporary force). Further, there are even specific rules governing how these laws can be changed. However, those rules that govern over the changing of temporal laws are also only temporal. They are the temporary activity of the temporary use of temporary force. In contrast to those laws which only apply exclusively in particular places and times and other limited conditions, there is an entirely distinct realm of law which we will now explore.

Inclusive and/or exclusive”

Now, when we are using language, we recognize contrasting categories, such as day and night. We can also identify smaller subcategories, like the morning and the afternoon. Morning and afternoon are not only distinct from each other but are also included within the broader category of day.

So, we can say that all of the categories above are times (also called periods of time or divisions of time. Within the day time is the morning time and the time of afternoon. Within every week, there will be both the nights and also the days, which include mornings and afternoons.

Language is a system of overlapping categories, some very large or vague and some very small or precise. Every category can be divided in to exclusive subcategories. Further, each category is itself a limited portion of a categorical label that is even more inclusive.

The Realm of the Holy

However, there is a logical limit to inclusiveness. There is a label in language for a category that is distinct from all other categories. In contrast to other categories that exclude, there is a category that does not exclude anything. It is all-inclusive.

We can label that realm the realm of the holy. It includes all other exclusive realms. It is like a tree that includes all of the branches of the tree or a huge mansion that includes every room within the mansion.

The realm of the holy includes all distinctions, all categories, all contrasts and all exclusions. There is nothing outside of it or beyond it.

It is the realm of language itself. It is the realm of labels and even of words and concepts, such as “early in the morning” or “the temporary imposing of temporary laws.”

What does the Holy do?

We may have been informed that the Holy is what spoke to divide the day from the night. That is correct, because language itself is one activity of the Holy. Further, any activity which arises is the activity of the Holy. There is nothing outside of the inclusive. The word Holy means complete as in total or entire or inclusive or undivided or whole.

So, day and night are just linguistic categories. There is no tangible division between day and night.

In fact, day and night are not even times in the absolute sense, but places. It is always daytime somewhere and nighttime somewhere else. When the day seems to arrive to where I am, I call that the arrival of the day. However, according to the idea of a planet that spins near a bright source of light called the sun, I am the one who arrived to the place of day, to the region of space where the sunlight is directly shining on that place on the earth.

What is done without the Holy?

So, the Holy includes the sun which shines and the earth which spins and the human who talks about all of this. Language specifies or focuses on the various aspects of the Holy and how they interact.

Does the Holy include language? The Holy is all-inclusive.

What is done without the Holy? The Holy is the source of all activity. When the sun shines, that is the Holy naming the sun and causing it to shine. When the earth spins, that is the Holy naming the earth and causing it to spin. When the human talks about all of this, that is the Holy identifying the presence of a human and then causing it to do whatever it may be doing, to say whatever it may be saying, and to experience whatever it may be experiencing.

The Holy can use language to identify a series of actors or identities, such as “my fist opened up to create a new thing which did not exist before. My fist disappeared and suddenly in it’s place appeared a hand with outstretched fingers, and then soon my fingers picked up my cup and then my cup lifted my water to my mouth, where my water suddenly disappeared. The full cup was replaced by an empty cup simply because my water chose to dive in to my mouth.”

What exists outside of the Holy?

So,using language, the Holy can invent the idea of isolated identities that are exclusive. The Holy can invent the idea in language of some isolated identity that is not acting as a branching of the tree.

The Holy can claim that a particular branch is against the tree, the rebel of tree, the enemy of the tree, or even the savior of the tree. That branch will be destined to save the tree from being a tree. An isolated identity can issue a threat against the Almighty to terrify the Almighty.

The Holy author can create a drama in which one character in the story threatens the author with disrupting the writing process or even with threatening their authority as author of the drama. “I, not you, am the real authority here,” said the character with the great confidence of someone in a panic of delusion.

I dare you to threaten the Almighty Eternal, Omnipresent inclusive category with being broken in to isolated subdivisions, such as destroying the week and replacing it with 7 isolated days or destroying the day and replacing it with 24 isolated hours. I dare you to destroy The Holy Temple and then to replace it three days later with a bunch of unholy things such as walls and floors and ceilings and curtains.

What does the Holy obsess about?

One day, while the Holy was doing the normal stuff (like dividing the night from the day and the heaven from the earth and the light of the sun from the darkness of a shadow), something unusually interesting happened. The Holy formed in to an isolated human and worshiped a demon called “the incurable illness filling up an empty jar.”

The incurable illness was a diagnostic label issued by the very important high priest of temporal witchcraft, as in a licensed physician. When the physician cast a spell to curse the human resource with possession by an incurable demon, that was not the activity of the Holy. That was because the priest had previously been possessed by an unholy demon named arrogance, which is something that is obviously outside of the influence of the Almighty, who is also the Creator of everything.

So, the unholy arrogance possessed the unholy witch who cast a spell to curse the human resource with demonic possession by a long list of incurable diagnostic labels. The demon of anemia sucked the iron out of the victim while another demon named scurvy sucked out the Vitamin C. Rickets sucked out the Vitamin D. Goiter sucked out the iodine. Hypothyroidism interfered with the functioning of the thyroid gland, which sucked out several other important vampires right from the neck of the holy human resource, who is either the victim or the hero in our story, but I am just not sure which yet.

Anyway, all of that was just the beginning of the tortures inflicted on the one damned to hell. Next, the diagnostic label of arthritis was applied to the empty jar, causing the jar to be filled with inflamed joints. Then, the label of demonic hypertension was stuck right under the other label, causing a sudden increase in the blood pressure of the empty jar. Finally, the words “incurable autism” were written under the words anemia by the demonic priest of modern paranoia, causing the autistic jar to have a sudden, dramatic reduction in cognitive functionality and social skills, plus increased irritability, neurological inflammation, and increased sensitivity to things like human touch.

What does the Almighty fear?

So, all of this was very frightening to the empty jar full of anemia and arthritis and so on. The jar was sincerely terrified (which is the best way to be terrified) by these labels for the various effects (like rising blood pressure and declining levels of iron in the blood).

Like any other believer in the religion of demon worship would do, the jar focused on those labels and worshiped those effects as demons that were possessing the jar. Naturally, the jar fought against the effects by taking some medications that the high priest said might peel the labels off of the jar or even blur out the letters of the word “autism.” Finally, after three surgeries to remove the anemia that was causing the reduced levels of iron, the jar began to get really worried.

So, the jar asked the Almighty for a miracle. “Please help me find a cure for anemia,” said the jar.

The Almighty suddenly appeared, crawling out of the chimney wearing a sexy red suit and sporting a big white beard. “Listen to me. I know what I am talking about here. Your problem is not the effect of anemia,” said the Almighty. “Anemia is just a label for an effect. Your problem is that you are either not eating enough iron, or, even more likely, that your body is having trouble processing the iron that you do eat.”

“Tell me more,” said the empty jar full of autism and anemia and arthritis. “You are clearly crazy and deluded and you are obviously not the real Almighty because there is no such thing, but I am still quite curious, you know, just in case you are far more intelligent than the average high priest of demon-worshiping witchcraft.”

“Well,” said the Almighty Santa Claus, “if you are a good jar and avoid bad behaviors that reduce your ability to process iron while you also do a lot of good behaviors that improve your ability to process iron, then I promise to give you a big reward when I am reborn in the near future, okay? Does that sound good so far?”

“Uh, yeah… sure,” said the jar. “Get to the point though, okay? I have some important TV shows to watch and this is really cutting in to my schedule of whining about my incurable chronic fatigue from exhausting myself by criticizing those three politicians who are the evil ones who think of government as having the right to use violence, which just really pisses me off, right? Anyway, what were you saying about things that help my digestive system to assimilate iron?”

“Ho ho ho,” Santa continued. “Slow down there. You sure are a disrespectful punk sometimes, but, because the Almighty is creating this entire dialogue, I have no choice but to dance according to the puppet strings pulled by the Almighty. So, here is my advice to you, if you are ready….”

After a long pause, Santa winked and then said, “What I would do if I was you is consult with someone who studies health- like who asks ‘how do animals maintain health, like how do all animals- not just humans- create a well-functioning system?’ Forget about the incurable demon of anemia for a moment. Focus on the healthy system and how it uses iron. Does it need electrons to use iron? Does it need zinc? Does it need iodine? If so, then be sure to find the ways that organisms have been getting those things for the last few billion years, like through diet or through their skin while swimming in the mineral-rich ocean waters.”

“Oh, and there’s more,” said the Almighty Santa. “Also, if you have anything blocking the use of iron, such as too much acidity from not connecting electromagnetically to the earth more often, then address that deficiency of electrons by getting access to whatever will provide you electrons and thus reduce the acidity. By the way, you do know that acidity is just a way of measuring the relative abundance or deficiency of electrons, right? I don’t want you to panic about the word acidity and worship it like one of those ignorant licensed physicians. Learn what the word acidity means if you are paranoid about your ignorance of what it means. Learn exactly what it measures, then notice what the measurements are and act accordingly.”

“In other words, you can stop giving so much attention to the ignorant language of desperately arrogant physicians who are operating in a delusional paranoia about the incurable demon of anemia. They often have no idea what they are doing and they are terrified that people will find that out. The more terrified they are, the more arrogant they are.”

“So, beware of taking their arrogance personally. They are just like a panicking dog suffering from rabies. By the way, rabies is a real physical presence, a real demon, an actual causal force. However, anemia is not. It is just a label for the absence of some normal functionality. It is just a name for an effect or a symptom. It has no physical power. For instance, if you shout the word ‘anemia’ at a bird, the bird does not worship the word and worry about their health. You can only worship the word in a delusion of imprecise idolatry because you understand language in general. However, you have been very confused about language.”

“Let me make something very clear to you. You are a very special empty jar to me. I love you even more than I love a mere bird, which may not be true but it feels good for you, right, so anyway do not worry about anemic birds or rabid dogs or anything else. Relax because everything is going according to my design. When I cause you to relax now, that could even be better for your health than worshiping mainstream demons in a panic of delusional paranoia. Relax away from the idea that a demon named anemia ever had any power of you. It did not.”

“I, Santa Claus, am the single Almighty power which creates iron and anemia and rabies and demon-worshiping priests. All that I have created in your experience was for your training. I was just reminding you of your source- and you may still have much to learn. I am the cause of all things. You are only a branching of me. Your blood is my blood. Your iron is mine, too. Your body is my body. There is no part of you that is not me. There is nothing about you that is not my creation. Your life is my life. Your words are my words. I invented every word and every language, including any phrases or words that you ever make up in the future. That will be me making them up through you.”

What if the Almighty panics?

So, the jar was very relaxed to learn all of these ridiculous lessons. Nevertheless, the jar eventually panicked over the thought that there are temporal governments that enforce temporal laws. In a guilty shame of panicking paranoia, the jar said to no one in particular, “but what if I personally do not save humanity from the existence of temporal governments by tomorrow morning? Some of these governments not only do things that are inconsistent with their words, but use violence which scares me, and they should not do anything that I do not expect (because that is implicitly disrespectful of my exclusive divine authority). Why don’t those government leaders do what they should do, which is to stop everything, schedule an appointment to come and visit me personally, and then take as long as it takes to teach me to understand the one thing that I really need to desperately agonize about right now: how I can get in to heaven in the future and escape from an eternal hell of being punished with paranoia and panic and agonizing and confusion and arrogance?”

And, by saying that, the empty jar full of demonic labels with incurable words like anemia condemned itself to an eternity of torture. The foolish jar continued, saying “I will pretend forever to be frightened of the words of demon-worshiping high priests. I will also pretend to insist that I am not in the realm of the Holy now, but that I need to do something in particular in order for my ego to avoid going to hell when my body dies. I need some kind of a ritual for salvation. I need to obsess over it. I need to argue with people about it.”

That is when the empty jar almost forgot to add the most important thing ever: “I also need some kind of a specific program to follow so that I can become healthy in the future. I need to agonize over my health now in order to eventually enjoy my life. How am I ever going to relax if I do not first find a cure for my incurable paranoia? Also, what is the best method to stop panicking? Is there only one right way to produce agony by agonizing, or are all of the behavioral patterns of agonizing equally intelligent and spiritually advanced? Next, which language is the best one, as in God’s favorite? Which word is best? Which letter is best? Which form of perfectionism is best? Who knows the answers to these very important questions?!?!?”

“What is The Holy Law that is eternal and cannot be broken (as distinct from laws that are temporal and can be revised or revoked)? I have no idea! This is an absolute tragedy! This is a terrible disgrace! This is a crying shame! I insist hysterically that I am quite justified in my tantrum because I blame someone else very sincerely for my practice of the behavior of tantrum! Crucify the villain that I vilify! Torture the demon that I demonize! Destroy the opponent that I oppose!”

Suddenly, Santa Claus reached over to the empty jar full of incurable demons and picked it up, shook it really hard so that all of the labels inside of it were mixed up very well so as to be fair, and then pulled out one word in the raffle drawing to find out what diagnostic label was the very worst or very best or something like that. Suddenly, everyone was very happy then because the contest was finally over and there was a clear winner.

The winning slip of paper said the following, yes, speaking out loud right there in front of everyone: “Please listen closely because your very life depends on it. You have a deathly serious medical problem which is genetic and has been possessing your family for many generations, causing you to question the very existence of reverse psychological warfare. Yes, you have a case of incurable hypochondria. Get over it.”

labeled jar


The Secret of Power

Power pole

Power pole

The SECRET of Power

Many forms of power are obvious. There is widespread recognition of the power of an erupting volcano, the power of crashing waves, the power of a raging windstorm, the power of a speeding train, the power of a galloping horse, or the power of an exploding bomb. 

Because those forms of power are obvious, those forms contrast with any power that is secret. A power that is secret (as in not widely recognized as powerful) may be openly used with little or no risk of being recognized as the use of power. If people do not recognize something as the use of power, then they are less likely to withdraw from it, to defend against it, to counter it or to use it themselves.

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What power opens the petals of a flower? (Photo credit: MB Jarrosak)

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