language rules- How is language the secret of power?

LANGUAGE RULES – How is language the secret of power?

Language matters. Language is uniquely influential. Language organizes behavior. Language rules. 

Language rules because it is used to direct attention, perception and behavior. Language is the source of rules. 

For instance, when people play games, they define the rules of the particular game using language. Without language, there is no defining of rules.

All “official rules” are only recognized as rules because some official labeled them as rules and then enforced them. If no one follows a particular “rule,” then it is not relevant, not active, not functional. 

Rules of Conway's game of life - Glider

Rules of Conway's game of life - Glider (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rules are created when someone declares a particular rule to someone else and then enforces it. In the case of a game, if some participant does not follow a particular rule, then other participants may choose to withdraw from the game. Without rules, there can be no game. Without language, there can be no rules. 

Language is used to measure behavior. Measuring behavior influences behavior. Measurements are sometimes created using a tool called a ruler, such as a yardstick with equal sections of three feet and thirty-six inches. What are inches and feet? They are units of language. Without language, there is no such thing as an inch or any other unit of measurement.

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